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What is Functional Rhinoplasty?


When you hear the word rhinoplasty, you immediately think of a nose job. However, rhinoplasty is not just limited to cosmetic procedures. Functional rhinoplasty has opened the door to procedures that can assist you if you are searching for a way to improve the functioning of your nose rather than the way it looks. Depending on your situation, you may find that your appearance is enhanced as well when a functional rhinoplasty procedure is performed. This may be the case, but your main goal is to breathe easy again. Stop suffering from nasal obstruction. Dr. Carlos Ayala and his team at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery can help you improve your nasal breathing.

A Closer Look at Functional Rhinoplasty

When you come to Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery to discuss functional rhinoplasty, you will find out what the best way is to deal with nasal obstruction. Nasal obstruction occurs when something is causing a blockage of your nasal passages. Symptoms of nasal obstruction may include snoring and a feeling of nasal congestion that never clears up regardless of the use of medication. You may tend to breathe through your mouth at night to the point that your mouth is extremely dry when you wake up. Nosebleeds are common when you have nasal obstruction. You may also experience headaches that feel like they are caused by a buildup of sinus pressure. When you have nasal obstruction, you are likely to be prone to more sinus infections.

Functional rhinoplasty is performed in order to clear your airway. Dr. Ayala will evaluate your condition and determine the best path to take in order to perform a functional rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Ayala is your best resource to find answers for your condition.

Learn More About Functional Rhinoplasty

If you are exhibiting the classic symptoms of nasal obstruction, septal deviation, turbinate hypertrophy or other sinus issues, it can really make you miserable. It is time to find out how you can say goodbye to your sinus problems and hello to a better quality of life. To learn more about your options, set up a time to talk with Dr. Carlos Ayala in McAllen, Texas. With help from Dr. Ayala and his team at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery, you can find out what it’s like to breathe freely through your nose once again. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!