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Non-Surgical Face Contouring in McAllen, TX

Dr. Carlos Ayala is double board certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery and offers non-surgical face contouring for men and women in McAllen, the Rio Grande Valley, Mission, and the surrounding areas of Texas.

What is Non-Surgical Face Contouring?

Non-surgical face contouring is an alternative for men and women who may be considering a facelift to

address early signs of aging, such as:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sagging skin
  • Fat loss in the cheek area
  • Shifted fat in the face

Dr. Ayala uses two techniques for non-surgical face contouring—liquid facelifts and TriPollar treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Face Contouring?

  • No incisions or scars
  • No downtime
  • Natural-looking results
  • Precise control over changes to one’s appearance
Non-Surgical Face Contouring in McAllen, TX

Who is a Good Candidate for Non-Surgical Face Contouring?

The best candidates for non-surgical face contouring via facial fillers and collagen regeneration are men and women who have mild to moderate signs of aging that do not require plastic surgery. A consultation is the best way to find out if your wrinkles can be remedied with our non-surgical options.

What is the Procedure for Non-Surgical Face Contouring?

A liquid facelift is performed by making injections along the wrinkles with various dermal fillers. Dr. Ayala may also use facial fillers to add volume to the cheeks and lips. The procedure is performed with a cannula versus a standard needle to ensure a natural, consistent improvement to the area of the face.

Non-surgical face contouring may also be performed with our TriPollar treatments. This is a radio-frequency energy system that gently heats the skin to stimulate collagen production. The new collagen lifts the skin to give it a firmer, younger appearance. This is ideal for patients whose wrinkles are caused by sagging skin.

What is Recovery Like After Non-Surgical Face Contouring?

Our non-surgical face contouring treatments do not require downtime. Facial fillers produce immediate results, while TriPollar treatments produce more gradual results in the weeks after the procedure. Liquid facelifts and TriPollar collagen regeneration treatments can be performed in conjunction for the most dramatic anti-aging benefits.

How Much Does Non-Surgical Face Contouring Cost?

We discuss the cost of your non-surgical face contouring during your consultation. In the meantime, please review the information about our financing options through Prosper® and CareCredit®.

Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery offers non-surgical face contouring for men and women in McAllen, the Rio Grande Valley, Mission, and the surrounding areas of Texas. To learn more about our services, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ayala.