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Is Rhinoplasty the Right Choice for Me?


Not everyone is familiar with the word rhinoplasty. However, even if a person does not know what the word rhinoplasty means, they are very likely familiar with what it is. Rhinoplasty is more commonly referred to as a nose job. It is a surgical procedure that is designed to change the shape and appearance of a person’s nose.

The surgery can be performed in different ways in order to get the best results for the patient. Before a person has any kind of cosmetic surgery performed, it is very important for them to understand all of the details that are involved. Take the time to learn more about rhinoplasty in order for you to decide if the procedure will help you to improve your appearance and accomplish your personal goals.

The main reason why this surgery is performed is to help people who are dealing with a nose that they do not like. It is primarily done for cosmetic purposes. However, there are a lot of patients who do have the surgery performed for medical reasons. The great thing is that most people who have the procedure done for medical reasons usually walk away with a nose that they feel looks a lot more attractive.

We often hear our clients talk about how their nose makes them feel bad about the way they look. It may have a very large hump in it. Or their nose may be small or misshapen. No matter what it is about their nose that they do not like, they feel like it holds them back. They do not have a lot of self-confidence, and they feel like others have a negative reaction to them because of their nose.

We have seen time and again how this surgery helps people advance in their careers and have better personal relationships. We have seen individuals who have come in looking very depressed transform into individuals who have a lot of self-confidence and feel like they are ready to take on new tasks. When you have more confidence, you feel better about yourself.

Schedule a consultation at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about rhinoplasty and how it may work for you. Dr. Ayala would be happy to assess your nose and determine if surgery can benefit you. Contact us today to book an appointment!