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What Is The Simply Sinus Procedure

Sinus infections aren’t any fun for anyone, especially as they tend to be accompanied by exhaustion and congestion. If you have a cold that just doesn’t seem to want to let go, then you may actually be suffering from a chronic sinus infection. Chronic sinus infections are treatable with the remarkable Simply Sinus Procedure, available from the experts at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery under the guidance of Dr. Carlos Ayala.

Is It Chronic Sinus Infection, Or Just A Cold?
While the common cold is a miserable enough experience on its own, it’s nothing compared to the endless discomfort of those who suffer from chronic sinusitis. For those suffering from this condition experience swelling and inflammation of the nasal passages that can stretch on for months, even in the face of regular treatments. The heart of this problem is a complication that prevents the mucus and pus from being able to properly drain, leaving your face feeling tender, swollen, and painful. The following symptoms can alert you to the presence of chronic sinusitis.

• Discharge that is thick and discolored down the back of your throat.
• Obstruction of the nasal passages leading to difficulty breathing.
• Swelling, pain, and tenderness around the forehead, cheeks, eyes, and nose.
• Reduction in olfactory senses and taste in adults.
• Coughing in children.

What Is The Simply Sinus Procedure?
The process involved in the Simply Sinus Procedure is fairly straightforward, and it begins with located the area of your sinus that needs to be relieved of pressure. A special device consisting of a balloon mounted on the end of a catheter is passed into the nostril and the balloon inflated. This gently expands the cavity and allows normal airflow and functioning of the sinus to resume by facilitating natural drainage. This procedure may seem deceptively simple, but the release of pressure that it affords is the key to experiencing relief from the pain of chronic sinusitis.

How Long Do The Results Last From Simply Sinus?
This simple procedure can provide ongoing relief from problems involving chronic sinusitis. Some patients report experiencing ongoing relief for months to follow after the procedure. Simply Sinus helps those who have narrow sinuses breathe freely and experience a life without the pain and pressure of stuffy, non-draining sinuses.

If you think you might benefit from the Simply Sinus procedure, it’s time to pick up your phone and contact Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Carlos Ayala. Every year many of their patients come in with problems related to sinus congestion and chronic pain, and Dr. Ayala is able to help by using procedures like this one. Don’t live another day with stuffy sinuses and difficulty breathing, call today!