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Restore Lost Facial Volume with Fillers


What is it that makes a person look old? Some people will say that it is gray hair. But this isn’t exactly true because a person could have gray hair and still look very young. Others will say that it’s wrinkles. In part, it is true that wrinkles do make a person look old. However, a person could have light wrinkling and still look young for their age.

What makes a person look older is the loss of facial volume. You see evidence of this when you look at a person who is overweight and in their late thirties or early forties. They go on a diet and lose a lot of weight. While they do look skinnier and while their body might look healthier, when you look at their face, they also look a lot older. This is because the facial fat that gave them a round, almost baby-like appearance is gone. And now they are left with hollow cheeks, hollow temples and a facial appearance that just looks older.

When you say that a person has a baby face, what are you saying? You’re saying that they have chubby little cheeks and a round face. As a result of this, regardless of how old they are, they look young. So more than anything else, it is the loss of facial volume that makes a person appear to be older than they really are.

So it would only stand to reason that if losing facial volume makes you look older, restoring facial volume will make you look younger. And this is exactly true. When a person uses dermal fillers or other facial fillers to restore the volume in their face, they are able to regain what cosmetic professionals refer to as the triangle of beauty. This describes the appearance a person has when their cheeks are full and then their face tapers down to their chin.

There are a lot of different fillers available on the market and each one has been approved by the FDA for use on a particular part of the face. Some facial fillers are designed to add fullness to your lips. Other dermal fillers are designed to give your cheeks or your temples a plump and round appearance. There are even some fillers that are designed to add volume to your hands.

Interestingly, when you use a dermal filler on your face, the wrinkles that you have disappear. This is because the saggy skin that was left behind as a result of the loss of facial volume is now full again. In many cases, a person can expect to have their perceived age be five or even ten years younger than what they really are after using dermal fillers.

During a consultation at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in McAllen, our team of aesthetic professionals can help you determine if facial fillers can benefit you. We offer a wide variety of fillers ranging from Bellafill® to PRP injections. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to learn more.