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Professional Snoring Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

professional snoring treatment
Do you snore? If so, you can take comfort from knowing that you are not the only one. In fact, it’s estimated that almost 50 percent of healthy adults snore from one time or another. It is also estimated that one quarter of adults snore habitually. Fortunately, we have professional snoring treatment options available for people dealing with obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring is not something that affects the entire population equally. For example, men snore more often than women do. If you’re overweight, it’s likely that you have a problem with snoring. Snoring is something that gets worse as you get older. So, if you snore in your twenties, it is likely that you are going to shake the house when you are in your fifties and sixties.

While snoring can be annoying to the person who needs to sleep next to you, it is not a joking matter. It is actually something that should be taken very seriously because it could indicate that you have obstructed breathing. You will need to talk to our experienced ENT doctor in McAllen, since he will offer you some suggestions on how you can fix this behavior.

Snoring is noisy because there’s something that’s blocking the free flow of air at the back of your mouth and at the back of your nose. When you look at the area in the back of your mouth, you’ll notice that there is a passageway that can collapse. Snoring happens because this collapsible passageway vibrates during breathing.

Snoring might be a sign that you are dealing with a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. This is where your breathing pauses for at least 10 seconds at a time multiple times throughout the course of the night. This is often due to the collapse of your upper airway. The amount of oxygen that your blood gets while you sleep is reduced. Your heart has to work harder in order to keep the rest of your body oxygenated. As a result, your sleep cycle is disrupted.

It is not uncommon for someone with this form of sleep apnea to sleep the entire night and wake up feeling exhausted. This is because during the course of the night, they stopped breathing for at least 10 seconds from between 30 to 300 times.

If you feel that your snoring is connected to obstructive sleep apnea, talk to our professional at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in McAllen. Dr. Ayala and his team can provide you with the professional snoring treatment that you need to improve your breathing and get a good night’s sleep. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your options regarding professional snoring treatment!