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Cosmetic Surgery via Rhinoplasty in McAllen

cosmetic surgery

Rhinoplasty is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure. It’s estimated that it ranks in the top five procedures performed in the United States annually. Rhinoplasty is a very complicated procedure. It requires an understanding of the aesthetic, as well as the functional. During the procedure, our surgeon in McAllen may adjust the bone and cartilage to help the patient achieve the desired look.

Rhinoplasty can be performed on patients who either do not like the size of the nose or its shape. When rhinoplasty is performed by a surgeon like Dr. Ayala who is trained, skilled, and experienced, it can drastically improve a person’s appearance. A good nose job can give a person confidence they did not have before. Rhinoplasty can also help an individual who has breathing defects. If you are thinking about having this cosmetic surgery procedure performed, there are a few things you will want to consider.

First, you have to determine whether or not you are candidate. You may be a candidate if you don’t like the way that your nose looks and you want to improve your facial features. Or you may be a good candidate if you have a hard time breathing as a result of structural abnormalities. A good rhinoplasty candidate is also going to be in good health. You need to have a basic understanding of the risks that come with the surgery, and you need to have realistic expectations regarding the results after the surgery.

Good candidates for nose reshaping in McAllen may have a nose that has a feature on it they don’t like. They might have a nose that is too wide, or the tip of their nose might droop or protrude. Or they might have a bump on the ridge of their nose. Many candidates have a bulbous tip that makes their nose look exaggerated. Others are dealing with nostrils that are excessively large or excessively small. Some people have this cosmetic surgery because they do not like the nose nature gave them, and others have it in response to a nose that was injured.

When opting for a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s good to have a specific goal in mind. You can’t just tell our doctor that you want him to make your nose look better. Instead, you have to know what problem is bothering you and what you want the doctor to fix. When it comes to your nose, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

The goal of facial cosmetic surgery is to balance out your facial features and improve your overall appearance. To see if rhinoplasty is right for you, make an appointment at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in McAllen. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!