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Correct Prominent Ears with Ear Surgery

Ear surgery

Even though an individual’s true value is not based on the way they look, modern society does place a lot of value on an individual’s appearance. This can be seen in the many studies that have been done that show that when an individual is viewed as attractive, they usually have better opportunities in life. They are seen as individuals who are educated, they have more career opportunities and they usually have better relationship opportunities.

Many have decided that they are going to change something about their appearance that makes them feel bad about themselves or that has caused them to at times be the subject of ridicule. One problem that many have experienced is having very prominent, large ears. Or other individuals have ears that stick out. Ear surgery can correct these problems. It can help an individual to have ears that are in better proportion with their head. It can also pin back ears if an individual’s ears protrude.

For the most part, ear surgery is performed in order to help an individual improve their appearance. It is usually done for cosmetic reasons. Some individuals are simply unsatisfied with the way they look, while others may be interested in this surgery because they have an ear deformity or their ears were injured in an accident.

Lots of people who are interested in ear surgery are curious about the process that is used to correct their ears. Each individual is going to have a different experience based on the issues they have with their ears and what they would like our surgeon to do to remedy the problem.

Before getting ear surgery, it is important for patients to have a realistic idea of what the surgery is going to do for them. This means that you should take as much time as possible to learn about ear surgery. When you come in for your consultation, be honest about what bothers you about your ears, and we will figure out a solution that you will be happy with.

There are times when parents are interested in ear surgery for one of their children. They notice that their child’s ears are prominent or stick out. They do not want their child to receive a lot of ridicule in school or be teased by others. They also know that if they do the surgery when the child is quite young, the child is not likely to remember much of it. If you are interested in this procedure for your child, we can explain in detail how it will be performed and help you understand what the end result will be.

To learn more about ear surgery, schedule a consultation at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery so that your ears can be evaluated and your questions can be answered. Our office is located in McAllen. Contact us today to book an appointment.