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BOTOX and Fillers for Men for Discreet Skin Smoothing


For the majority of mankind’s history, women have been held to a higher standard when it comes to beauty and aging than men. However, over the past few decades, changes in social attitudes, roles in the home and roles in the workplace have started to change that. Now men are finding themselves being held up to the same scrutiny as far as their appearance is concerned that women have had to deal with for thousands of years.

As a result, more and more men are turning to both surgical and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Some of the most popular of these treatments are BOTOX® and fillers. BOTOX® is an injectable that is designed to relax facial muscles. Facial fillers are designed to restore lost facial volume and fill in lines and wrinkles. The goal is to minimize the appearance of dynamic and static wrinkles. Studies have shown that more and more men are starting to take advantage of these treatments.

Again, this is connected to a change in the way that men view taking care of themselves. As more and more men are open to dressing nicely, taking care of their skin and styling their hair, they are starting to see the benefits of it and some of the stigma associated with cosmetic procedures is disappearing.

That being said, you’re not going to necessarily hear a bunch of men in the locker room discussing their most recent BOTOX® and filler treatment. Men want to look their best, but they want to look their best in a discreet way. Again, that’s why BOTOX® and facial fillers are such viable options. They will remove the appearance of dynamic and static wrinkles in a natural way. They do not change the way that you look, but they makesyou look like the best version of yourself possible.

One of the reasons why men are turning to non-surgical treatment options like BOTOX® and fillers is because of the economy. During the start of the 21st century, the economy took a major blow. Men who were in jobs that they felt they were going to have for the rest of their lives found themselves out with resumes looking for new jobs.

What made matters worse was that they were competing against younger individuals who were willing to accept lower salaries and who had the benefit of being young and looking young. Now men who in times past gave very little consideration to their appearance realized that if they were going to be competitive, they were going to have to look their best. They needed every competitive edge they could when looking for a new job.

While the number of men getting BOTOX® and filler injections has not reached the level of women who get them, it is likely that more and more men will see them as a viable way of maintaining their youth. If you are a man or a woman interested in discreet skin smoothing over dynamic and/or static wrinkles, make an appointment at Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in McAllen to learn more about BOTOX® and fillers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!