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Benefits of Seeing Our ENT in McAllen


An ear, nose, and throat doctor, or an ENT, is a doctor that has received special training to perform surgical procedures that address diseases of the ears, nose, and throat. An ENT can also treat problems that affect the neck and the head. They often help patients learn to manage specific conditions that affect these sensitive and important areas. They are able to provide care for children, adults, and seniors.

When you think of the things an ENT does, cosmetic surgery is rarely the first thing to come to mind. But cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty and facial contouring are exactly some of Dr. Ayala’s specialties. When it comes to facial plastic surgery, most people would prefer a doctor who knows everything there is to know about the structure and function of the face. Dr. Ayala’s extensive experience as an ENT gives him the extra knowledge and expertise needed to perform facial cosmetic procedures with results that are nothing short of phenomenal.

When it comes to treating the nose, more than 35 million people who battle sinus issues every single year turn to ENTs for help and treatment. Interestingly, sinus infections are one of the most common healthcare complaints in the United States. An ENT is especially skilled when it comes to understanding the way the nasal cavity and the sinuses work. This knowledge equips ENTs like Dr. Ayala with the tools and skills necessary for helping patients who are dealing with problems in areas such as their breathing, sense of smell, or overall structure of their nose.

Dr. Ayala is well-versed in the structure, function, and ailments that plague the nose and sinuses. When it comes to the nose, patients in McAllen regularly put their care into the trusted hands of Dr. Ayala and learn firsthand why his services are unparalleled. Our doctor can manage everything from medical issues like nasal obstruction to cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty. Regardless of the problem you are experiencing with your nose, Dr. Ayala will be there to help.

Dr. Ayala’s accomplishments speak for themselves. An ENT will generally need to complete up to 15 years of college training and postgraduate training before they begin to practice or can receive their board certification. Many ENTs will focus on a sub-specialty, whether it is the neurology of the ear, pediatric care, plastic reconstructive surgery, issues affecting the nose, or issues affecting the neck. As a double board-certified physician, Dr. Ayala’s accomplishments speak for themselves. He specializes in areas such as revision rhinoplasty, rhinology, facial plastic surgery, and much more. Patients looking for expert cosmetic surgery in McAllen need look no further than our practice.

What makes ENTs stand out from other physicians is that they are trained in both the world of medicine and the world of surgery. What makes Dr. Ayala stand out from other ENTs are his broad areas of expertise and his unwavering dedication to providing patients in McAllen with the personalized care they deserve. If you are looking for expert cosmetic and medical care with a personal touch, look no further than Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. Schedule your consultation with us today to discover for yourself why so many people in McAllen turn to Dr. Ayala first.