Xoran MiniCAT Systems

The MiniCAT™ IQ system provides high-resolution scans of the sinuses, temporal bones and the skull base. The MiniCAT™ IQ is better than a typical X-ray, you’re able to go from image capture to results in only 60 seconds. On top of that, you’re able to see different angles of your sinuses and see 3D reconstructions. Here are just a few of the things you get out of using this system:

Single-visit diagnosis: Because the system works so quickly, you don’t have to spend half your day waiting for results. Get comprehensive analysis quicker and more efficiently
An Open Design: Having an open design is essential for patient comfort. If tight spaces or darkness make you cringe, then this system is perfect for you.
A Safer System: MiniCAT™ IQ uses less radiation than traditional nasal X-rays, making it a safer system for all.
Better Time Usage: You don’t have to run between doctor’s offices anymore! The technology of the MiniCAT™ IQ saves you time by minimizing the time you spend in and out doctor’s offices.
The Mini CAT scans are used in conjunction with the NuVent Baloon sunuplasty procedure to create a seamless system. The Mini CAT system scans the nasal cavities, which is then uploaded to our Medtronic Image Guidance System, providing our doctors a path to clearing up sinus pressure. Just like how a car’s GPS tells the driver where to go, the Mini CAT provides the direction for our medical staff.

These processes work together and are tailor-made for the NuVent Baloon sinuplasty.

Using the latest technology isn’t something we do just to do it, we invest in technology to make your experience with us better than ever. Call the Ayala ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery offices in McAllen for your consultation about these two innovative systems.