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Lip Injections via Restylane Silk

One of the most common cosmetic complaints we hear about is thin lips. They can occur due to the aging process or significant weight loss. A person can also be born with naturally thin lips. Whatever the cause, thin lips can make a person look older or less attractive. They also tend to lead to […]

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Eyelid Surgery Before and After Pictures McAllen, TX

Is BOTOX Right for Me?

You have very likely seen celebrities who have had BOTOX® treatments. You may even know some coworkers, neighbors or family members who have used these treatments as well. You like the idea of looking younger and having a more refreshed appearance. However, you may be wondering if BOTOX® is right for you. The very first […]

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Ear Surgery Before and After Pictures McAllen, TX

Treating Hypertrophic Turbinates with Nose Surgery

When a person is battling with chronic allergies that are untreated, it can lead to symptoms of nasal airway obstruction. The underlying cause of this is frequently a condition referred to as turbinate hypertrophy. Nose surgery is often used to correct this condition. The turbinates are a part of our respiratory system that most people […]

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